Five Pills - Antica Torino
Antica Torino nasce per proporre vini, liquori e distillati tradizionali del Piemonte, risalendo alle loro ricette originali e riscoprendo così sapori di nicchia spesso dimenticati.
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Five Pills

Five Pills

Vermouth di Torino is a Protected Geographical Indication and the Consortium takes care of its enhancement and promotion.

Vermouth di Torino is an aromatised wine born in the 18th century. Its history is linked to Piedmont and Turin where, in 1800, a real aristocracy of ``vermuttieri`` developed, and after the great success in Turin, it had a rapid and great development in Italy and abroad.

Vermouth di Torino can be white, amber, rosé or red. It is classified according to the amount of sugar it contains as extra dry, dry and sweet.

To produce it, aromatic herbs, spices, flowers, seeds and roots are infused in a hydroalcoholic solution. The extract is added to the wine together with the sugar and alcohol necessary to reach 16 degrees. It is left to mature, filtered and proceed with bottling.

Vermouth di Torino should be served cold, kept in the fridge and, once opened, it is recommended to consume it within a month.