Recipes - Antica Torino
Antica Torino nasce per proporre vini, liquori e distillati tradizionali del Piemonte, risalendo alle loro ricette originali e riscoprendo così sapori di nicchia spesso dimenticati.
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The art of drinks



The “perfect serve” for all tastes

Straight: Antica Torino Vermouth is perfect for offering a vintage-style “vermuttino” with a squirt of soda water and a piece of orange or lemon peel, as was the custom in the early twentieth century. It’s also excellent after-dinner, accompanied by a dark chocolate ganache dessert.

Mixed, it becomes a base for classic cocktails such as Negroni, Americano, RobRoy, Bombay, Manhattan and Manhattan Sweet, Martini Sweet and Martini Perfect, Allred, Festus, NumberOne, Zoom, Zuavo, Bronx, Torino, Carrol, Ada and Capri.

Its “perfect serve” is as an aperitif with savoury snacks like sage-flavoured focaccia and chick-pea flat bread (farinata) with rosemary, and we also remember the Avanvera “polibibita” (an Italian, futurist synonym for the American “cocktail”) created by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in the 1930s.
This mix of red vermouth, amaro with herbs, and brandy was the first aperitif in history to provide also for a fixed accompaniment: there were tomatoes, anchovies, cheese, almonds and coffee beans, as well as slices of banana inside the glass – a pairing that may seem unusual but was popular at that time to celebrate the conquest of the African colonies: it’s still worth sampling today.