Torino Chinato Wine - Antica Torino
Antica Torino nasce per proporre vini, liquori e distillati tradizionali del Piemonte, risalendo alle loro ricette originali e riscoprendo così sapori di nicchia spesso dimenticati.
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Il nostro vermouth ricco di storia.

Torino Chinato Wine


One of the most classic aromatic wines proposed by Antica Torino is without doubt the Vino Chinato.

Its starting point is the partnership between Antica Torino and the Barbaresco producer Luigi Voghera, from Neive, who provided an excellent Langhe Nebbiolo Dop, which made it possible to realize the recipe for an ambitious chinato wine. The addition of ingredients such as chinotto, wormwood, gentian, elderberry, rhubarb, laurel, chamomile, marjoram, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, rose and nutmeg then helped shape its character.

Antica Torino Vino Chinato has a very distinctive taste, with unique digestive and refreshing properties, making it suitable to be both enjoyed on its own/neat and used as a key ingredient for fascinating cocktails.

Antica Torino Vino Chinato

Thanks to the extraordinary Nebbiolo base and the expert touch in dosing the carefully selected spices, the Antica Torino Vino Chinato manages to convey the flavour of the centuries-old Piedmontese tradition of aromatic wine par excellence.

The history

One of the ingredients that make Chinato wine particularly intriguing is undoubtedly the China calissaia: China/Cinchona is a plant that grows in Peru, whose active ingredient in the bark, quinine, has extraordinary anti-fever properties. For this reason, chinato wines spread as digestives and remedies from the late 1800s from France to Piedmont, thanks to a pharmacist from Serralunga d’Alba, as a perfect digestive and mysterious medicinal elixir.

One of the most famous chinato wines is Barolo Chinato, made from Barolo docg wine from Nebbiolo grapes, to which sugar and alcohol are added, in the form of a cold infusion, and spices, and medicinal herbs like china.

Chinato wine became the perfect drink for convivial moments, enjoyed at the end of the meal with an excellent bonet, the true king of Piedmontese desserts made with chocolate and amaretti/almond cookies.


Alcohol content: 18%
Sugar: 18% (180 grams per litre)
Ingredients: wine (Langhe Nebbiolo DOP 2018), sugar, alcohol, aromatic substances (infusion of herbs and spices).


Selected roots and aromas, ethyl alcohol, and sugar are added directly to the base wine (Langhe Nebbiolo Dop) in the barrel, dosed in a vintage manner/in very small doses. The gestation time is at least 15 – 30 days.


Antica Torino Vino Chinato can be enjoyed as a meditation wine or paired with delicious traditional desserts made with dark chocolate.


Visual description: : garnet red colour.
Taste and olfactory description:  a bouquet of rose, nutmeg, and aromatic herbs that highlight the scent of chinato, and the most classic bitter aromatic herbs shape its backbone.

The production method

A fundamental necessity for making Vermouth di Torino is high quality wine: white or red, it must have good structure and acidity in order to blend with the spices and balance the sugar. After selecting a base alcohol, the extracts of aromatic herbs and spices, flowers, seeds, roots and barkare added, following infusion in a solution of alcohol and water for 15-20 days. They are mixed with the sugar and wine and left to rest in maturation tanks. The beverage is then filtered and bottled.